Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Photographer #108: Eric Ogden

Eric Ogden, USA, 1971, is best known for his music and celebrity portraiture. Kevin Bacon, Penelope Cruz, Green Day and Kanye West amongst others have all appeared in front of his camera. He is currently working on a new book with portraiture and landscape photography of his hometown. Earlier the book American Character: A Photographic Journey was released. The following images come from his portfolio's Celebrities, Portraits + Stories and Music.

Website: www.ericogden.com

Monday, August 30, 2010

Photographer #107: Sarah Sudhoff

Sarah Sudhoff, USA, 1977, is currently working on a series called At the Hour of our Death and 2217. 2217 features four individuals with Neurofibromatosis. It causes tumors to grow throughout the body and she hopes to raise awareness and compassion when the viewer studies the nearly life size images. In her series Repository, which she also self-published as a book in 2009, she took photographs of herself and the surroundings of hospitals, morgues, medical museums and her doctor's offices. Sarah started this project after her surgery for cervical cancer. In the series At the Hour of our Death, she takes pictures of textiles that show the signs of someone passing away. The following images come from At the Hour of  our Death, Hysteria and Repository.

Website: www.sarahsudhoff.com

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Photographer #106: Dominic Rouse

Dominic Rouse, Great-Britain, 1959, is a photographer who has to take several steps before he has his final prints. Dominic shoots his images on colour transparancy material, which then get scanned into the computer with a drum scanner in order to manipulate and add several components in a programm called Imaginator. When finished the file is then exposed to black and white negative material (basically scanning in reverse) using a film recorder. With this final negative his detailed, mysterious and story-telling images are made into prints.

Webste: www.dominicrouse.com

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ibarionex on Nik Photo Radio

Ibarionex appears this week on the Nik Photo Radio podcast. On the show, he discusses his approach to light and photographing strangers at home and abroad. Scott Sheppard does a great job with the show, which includes not only information on Nik's line of software but also interview with some great photographers who have also appeared on The Candid Frame. You can discover this and other episodes by visiting their website. or subscribing to their show on iTunes.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Photographer #105: Simon Norfolk

Simon Norfolk, Great-Britain, 1963, focuses on war and all the consequences that come from it. Instead of showing us the horrors in bloody manors, he chooses to make stunning photographs that look at the aftermaths, the belongings people have lost and the technology behind the wars. In his series Archaeological Teasures from the Tigris Valley he performed excavations at battlefield sites and photographed the objects found in an improvised studio on site. The following images come from the series Afghanistan: Chronotopia, Archaeological Treasures from the Tigris Valley and The LHC: The Spirit of Enquiry.

Website: www.simonnorfolk.com

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Photographer #104: Bernd Preiml

Bernd Preiml, Austria, 1973, makes photographs that look like dark and sinister fairy tales. His images contain both magic and mystery, they are haunting like a beautiful nightmare. He uses this in his own projects aswell as in fashion and editorial shoots. His style roots from growing up in the mountanous region outside of Vienna where folk tales were told about ancient creatures who inhabit the forests. Next to photography Preiml is also working with video. See a video by Bernd below. The following photographs come from "...it even has a Giant in it!", Sisters and Below.

Website: www.berndpreiml.net

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Photographer #103: Viviane Sassen

Dutch photographer Viviane Sassen, 1972, released her monograph Flamboya in 2009. The book combines photographs taken in various African countries. It is a mix of spontaneous and staged photography. She is taken by the appearance or behaviour of the people she encounters. Often one sees a play of shadow and light, where heads might be completely in the dark. In other images she uses objects to cover parts of her subjects body. She uses this style aswell in her fashion and commercial work. She has worked for clients such as Diesel and Miu Miu. The following images come from the series Ultra Violet, Flamboya and Realm.

Website: www.vivianesassen.com

Monday, August 23, 2010

Photographer #102: Michael Najjar

German photographer Michael Najjar, 1966, focuses in his photography on the notion of our society being "driven and controlled by computers and information technology." He made many impressive series throughout his career. In his most recent series, High Altitude, he went to 7000 meters altitude in the Andes to photograph mountains, only to combine them with the statistics of the Nasdaq or the Dow Jones and thus visualizing the development of the leading global stock market. The series Bionic Angel deals with the technological control of human evolution. Netropolis is about the development of cities in the future. These images are a combination of twelve hybrid photographies, one videowork and one image sculpture. Following images come from the three series described above.

Website: www.michaelnajjar.com

The Candid Frame #98 - David (The Strobist) Hobby

David Hobby has created a huge following through his popular blog, The Strobist 'which helped promote the use of small, portable speedlights for creative and exciting imagery. Beginning his career as a photojournalist, David developed an approach the demanded getting the shot under the tightest deadlines and challenging circumstances. The practical approach he developed for lighting, which he generously shares on his website has helped hundred of thousands of photographers discover their own voice and creativity without the mistaken belief that it takes expensive equipment to make memorable and beautiful photographs. You can discover more of David's work by visiting his website and flickr feed.

David Hobby recommends the work of Gregory Heisler and Peter Yang.

For streaming audio click here or subscribe to the podcast for free viaSubscribe via iTunes

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Photographer #101: Gal Harpaz

Gal Harpaz, Israel, 1971, is a photographer that uses polaroids to make his long and stretched images. Gal calls these images Polaramas which are several polaroids put together to make one image. Besides using this technique when travelling around the world, he also uses it on probably his most precious subject; his son Theo. His son is not only in many of his Polaramas, but also in a series called Theo-Roids where he documents the life of Theo. In his series Wood, he makes stories with polaroids, mounted on wood and laquered. The following images come from Polaramas: Los Angeles, Travel and Theo and from Wood.

Website: www.galharpaz.com

Friday, August 20, 2010

Feed Issues

The fun never ends at TCF and we have gotten several notices about issue with the feed for the podcast. Not only has subscribing been hampered but the archive available through the iTunes store has been severely limited to now only 6 episodes out of over 90 shows. We are working with Libsyn to see if we can resolve this ASAP.

This may involve switching not only the feed and the blogsite but I will send out a notification on any or all changes as soon as I know.

Thanks for your continued patience and support.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Photographer #100: Tim Simmons

Tim Simmons, Great-Britain, 1955, is a photographer producing large-scale landscape images. He works on a large format camera with artificial lighting, which gives the images a surreal, other worldly quality. His work has been exhibited and published extensively in recent years. The body of work he has developed over the last ten years is the result of a personal exploration of landscape in the context of the profound mystery of our existence. The following images come from the series Quarry, Snow and Arizona.

Website: www.timsimmons.co.uk

TCF - Listener Photo of the Week - August 19

Photo by KBT Images on Flickr.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Photographer #099: Heimo Schmidt

Austrian photographer Heimo Schmidt, 1967, currently lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA. He has worked for a large number of clients throughout his career and has appeared in numerous publications. In his series Iceland Schmidt has made a visuel reinterpretation of Icelandic culture's ancient mythology and epic Norse tales also known as "Sagas." The following images come from his Portraits portfolio and the series Iceland and 17 Reasons.

Website: www.heimophotography.com

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Photographer #098: Jónatan Grétarsson

Jónatan Grétarsson, Iceland, 1979, is a portrait photographer. In 2002 he moved to New York to study at the International Center of Photography. Currently he is working on a long term project called Icelandic Artists in which he portrayed well-known contemporary artists from Iceland. The artists are from all areas of the arts and photographed in black and white with strong contrast. The following images come from Icelandic Artists, Faces and Theater.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Photographer #097: Nazif Topçuoğlu

Nazif Topçuoglu, 1953, is a Turkish photographer. He has a masters degree in photography and in architecture. He predominantly makes photographs of staged young women set in period backdrops and engaged in a variety of symbolic actions and roles. His consistency has lead his work to appear at major art fairs such as Paris Photo. The following images come from shoots he has done between 2008 and 2010 and the last photographs below are from the series Curiosity & Experience 2004-2007.

Website: www.naziftopcuoglu.com

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Photographer #096: Josef Hoflehner

Josef Hoflehner, Austria, 1955, is a landscape photographer. Josef shoots black and white images traveling all over the world from Dubai to China and from the USA to Iceland. He has a large number of books published throughout his career. In 2009 his book Jet Airliner came out. Bizarre photographs of airplanes flying over people and streets while landing at St. Maartens, Dutch West Indies. Also in 2009 a book called China was published. The following images are from the series Jet Airliner, China and California.

Website: www.josefhoflehner.com

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Photographer #095: Joey L.

Joey Lawrence, Canada, 1989, is a young photographer with an impressive client list. Commercially he has worked for big names and has had people as 50 Cent and Danny DeVito in front of his camera. Next to his commercial work he also does personal photography. He travels the world to remote places where he photographs, for example, the Mentawai. Next to his photography he also works on music video's. The following images come from the series Abyssinia, Holy Men and from his commercial portrait portfolio.

Website: www.joeyl.com

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Photographer #094: Richard Mosse

Richard Mosse, Ireland, 1980, finds beauty in things that are broken and in a state of decay. He went to Iraq where he made his series Breach and Nomads. He approaches the objects as sculptures instead of acts of war and drama. He has done the same in his series The Fall, where he travelled across the globe to photograph crashed airplanes. In the project Infra, he left for Congo to take images with infrared film. The images are not digitally manipulated. The following images come from Infra, The Fall and Nomads.

Website: www.richardmosse.com
Video by Richard Mosse