Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The last twelve months...

Even though you did not have a chance to discover new photographers on the website in the last twelve months, I had an amazing year. This sounds a little strange, but ever since I started the break working for this website I have been very fortunate to do amazing projects and travel the world sharing what I have learned, sharing my vision and working hands-on with photography students to go deeper in their personal projects.

This is a summery of all the amazing things that happened to me from November 2012 until now. It does not include the writing for magazines and judging for various contests prior to these twelve months.
Images by Guatephoto
12 months ago I was in Guatemala after receiving an invitation from JJ Estrada, director of Guatephoto, to create a projection for the [DOT]COM exhibition. With a lot of excitement I had created my first expo with work of various photographers from this website including Thomas Wrede and Asger Carlsen. I was pleasantly surprised by the professionalism of the festival and the huge amount of people that came to see the various exhibits. Amongst the photographers exhibited were Erwin Olaf, Roger Ballen and Alejandro Cartagena. I would encourage everyone to go to the next Guatephoto event. I did a Q&A on stage of the Centro Cultural LUX and had portfolio reviews with Guatemalan photographers and students of La Fototeca.

In December I was honored to be one of the people selected as part of the Final Exam Committee of the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam. It was an intensive day yet a truly special position to be in and it was great to see the high level of photographers the Fotoacademie has released to Holland and the world.
Images by Floor Rietkerk, Ananda van der Pluijm and Tobias Asser
However, it was not as intense as the four days of portfolio reviews in Portland organized by PhotoLucida. Officially I looked at the work of 48 amazing photographers, however next to my official hours I couldn’t help to review portfolio’s of people that had not been assigned to me. I guess in total I had the pleasure of seeing 70 different and very talented image-creators. At least one photographer will make it onto this website as one of the last 45 photographers.

On a greyhound bus I left Portland heading to Los Angeles. Month of Photography LA (MOPLA) had asked me to create a projection for their closing night event. On the rooftop of a building, including drinks and music, I showed my Sublime and Divine projection. It included photographers from this website as well as image-makers that are not.
It was in the same week as Paris Photo LA, which I could ofcourse not have missed. I had been to Paris Photo before in France yet walking between the filmsets of the Paramount studios was a unique experience. Thanks to my perfect host Tara I got a real taste of the glamorous City of Angels.
In between all the events I had the pleasure of nominating two photographers for the Leopold Godowski Color Photography Awards as well as being a judge for the 2013 Critical Mass competition by PhotoLucida. Judging the work of 200 fine photographers was hard work, but absolutely fulfilling. I congratulate all those that are in the top 50. My personal favourite did not make it, but he will be shown as a special feature here on 500 Photographers.

In Armenia I had the pleasure of staying at the vacation resort of the Artists' Union of Armenia in Shorzha. Looking at a large array of work from painters and other artists was refreshing and interesting to me.
Images by Pieter Wisse

In August I left for a 5-day speedtrip to Dali, China. I was invited by Yan Li of the High Noon Culture & Art Corp to attend the 5th Dali International Photography Exhibition. It was very well organized and an experience to be in China for the first time. I had the pleasure of meeting a large number of photographers, talking about their work, looking at their exhibits or nosing through their portfolios. Some of them will make it on the list as one of the last 45. I will also have some of them as a special feature.

My last trip has been the best so far. Oscar Colorado Nates invited me to come to the Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City for the first Fotowik. The entire week consisted of a lecture, several classes for the first year communication students and an intense workshop with the advanced photography students. Within one week they had to create a small series for me. By creating a safe environment, asking questions and really having the students dig deep into their souls, they were able to create something magnificent. I have never seen such a great accomplishment in my life and it was all due to the students themselves. I want to thank them for opening up and creating something profound for themselves. I will never forget them and miss them dearly.
Images by Oscar Colorado and Cesar Jasso

For those that think that I am now a rich man, sorry to disappoint you. All these wonderful trips have cost me more than I received. The photography world is a poor one, however, it makes me wake up with a smile and that is what truly matters.  I hope that I can create more workshops and projections in 2014, as well as writing for magazines and judging.

I hear you wonder when the last 45 photographers are going to be on this website. My sincere apologies for letting you wait this long. Somewhere in the beginning of 2014 I will complete the list. Please be just a little more patient, I will reward you for it. Thanks for your undying support!

Love, Pieter

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