Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fun Facts

                         publishes an annual wedding magazine, starring all the who’s-who of the wedding
 photography world. The first time I saw it, I was struck in awe. It was an amazing complied magazine, filling
me with hopes, dreams and inspiration. I remember thinking how much I would love the opportunity to have
my work featured in that magazine, but I knew my photography skills still needed some time to grow.

Amazingly a few months later my I got the best email in my Inbox. It was from ,                         
editor and stylist of the                             . She complimented me on my photography and was
wondering if I would be interested in advertising on their website since they’ve got a few specials going.
Not only will my logo be displayed on their website, but my work would be featured as regular as possible.

After checking out the site and seeing that everything was looking good, I excitedly said yes to my first advertising deal.

Soon my logo was shining brightly on their page, and after some time has passed I went to see if some
of my work has been feature on the page. Nothing has been featured, so I gave it more time but nothing
changed. I decided to write a friendly email with some of my latest work, thinking I should probably keep
them up to date.

More months past and nothing happened. I actually though that maybe my photos just isn't good enough,
but that couldn't be as                    was the one to seek me out at the beginning. As time passed, I did a bit of
rebranding. I asked if I could change my advertising photo on the website, and                    replied with an excited “yes”.
Time went by and I noticed they did not change my logo thumbnail.
I emailed to ask if there was a problem. I emailed 3 times from 8th Jan – 11th Feb and only to get a reply on the 13th of Feb.

Another month went by without any changes; so on 26th Feb I decide to enquire about a possible 50% refund,
since nothing that was promised were happening. 4th march I noticed that                never replied, so I resent
the email asking for a refund, because I felt that I’ve been treated unfair. She replied, apologizing for everything
and saying that she wanted to give me a 100% refund and full page advertising spot in their magazine.
After sending multiple emails, she only responded on 29th May with more excuses and empty promises.
Till this day I've not gotten my refund, advertisement, feature or logo thumbnail changed.

Basically I’ve been going back & forth with her, over emails and phone calls for more than a year now. Hearing
her lie to me over & over about how she will refund me but never does. She tells me that
she is not a thief and she is not interested in "stealing" my money. Yet, from day one, nothing she has ever told
me seems to come true.

I'm more hurt and disappointed than anything else, even if I did rage a few times to her, but who wouldn't?

I probably should have know it’s too good to be true from the beginning, but I could have never imagined a
legit magazine would turn out to be a total scam. I should have let this go a long time ago, but I couldn’t. I
wanted to believe her so bad, wanted it to have a happy ending. The money probably isn't even that important
anymore, but it was more about the principle. When I paid her that money, it was a lot. I was just starting out,
still building my name and saving money for equipment.

Also, there's nothing I despise more than being lied to repeatedly. There's no any logical reason for her not
to make the payment in 12 months time. And if she wasn't interested in paying me back,
why does she go on promising she will and pretending like she is the victim?  At least            was a dedicated
liar from the beginning till the end. She might even object to this blog post, but I've had enough and I just
wanted to put the truth out there.

Everything happens for a reason, right? So maybe this time it was for the world to know the corrupt side
of                                   , or maybe this blog post could be a warning for those thinking about making
the same mistake I did. Either way, I really hope no one has the same experience I did with the                    

You can read conversations I had with                        here and judge the situation for yourself.
Be warned, there are certain conversations where I did expressed some anger.

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